(penned 17 July 2016):


I’m a fan of the Raspberry Pi (, and follow the Forum there. A recent post showed a hot-shot USAF pilot being consistently bested in dogfights by an Artificial Intelligence (AI) called ALPHA running on one of these cheap computers. One reply there quoted the recent case of a Tesla accident, ultimately attributed to the (human?) driver. My take on this:
Never mind the instantaneous reaction. This, I take it, is one AI acting as one individual in control of one vehicle. What I’d love to see is an array of these interacting and reacting to the vagaries and chaotic variability of governing Society. It would take a whole array of bureaucrats out of ineffectual positions and more effectively and honestly inform political and legal “powers that be”. Bye-bye corruption and (pertinent to my situation) Institutional abuse! :)
… and later:
Star Wars, Tesla, Government (read my previous post) … It all boils down to AI being an excellent _advisor_, but decidedly _not_ a replacement (yet :) ).
… but who knows? AI has the potential to absorb (and hopefully not replicate) the variables of the human over time.

Stu Piddity

He sure gets around, doesn’t he?
His destructive ventures in MSD/CYFS, as presented in this Blog, had a source in another of his ventures, this time in the Justice system, with an ongoing incursion into in the Medical system.

Let’s take the Justice system first – in particular, Corrections.
During her incarceration (due to half-assed forensics and representation), as part of her normal daily chores, my wife stepped back onto a round wooden ‘Dolly-Peg’. This was a common experience evidently, and you don’t see many around these days – they’ve since been recognised as a household hazard and taken off the market. To return to my wife’s experience: her complaints of continuing pain were consistently ignored, and her mobility thence was severely impacted (also ignored). This had further effect on her health, with her weight and body ballooning due to decreased capacity for exercise. Information gleaned since has revealed a budget blowout that precluded appropriate timely investigation and possible remediation/amelioration, and later investigation revealed damage to the coxxyx (tailbone) and nerve damage there. This is an important node in the nervous system, with effect not only on motor function (mobility) but also on digestion and control of waste processes. No wonder there were problems! Having been ignored so long, remediation – and even amelioration – were no longer possible even by the time of my wife’s release.

Now let’s take a peek at the Medical system.
Our local DHB’s Hospital is touted as a ‘teaching Hospital’. Well, they say the best way to learn is to teach, but is it (also) a ‘learning Hospital’? I doubt it.
Our personal attempts at amelioration (para. above) included an attempt at USANA (multi-vitamin). This had considerable benefit, not only to my wife, but also to me myself and to our grandchildren (3 of at that time). Unfortunately the prior situation, with the physical effects, had resulted in sorely reduced social life, a necessity for a Usana Associate, and we had to bail out. The benefits thus far had continued effect for quite some time afterward, and we sorely miss that to this day (more than a decade later).
Now back to the System.
The cost as a ‘preferred customer’ for the basics of Usana at that time was around $100/person/month. Let’s double that for some extras (just for us), and allow for inflation. Let’s say current cost could be around $500/month.
The cost to us (subsidised) of the conventional pharmaceuticals we are presently consuming has hit the $100/year cap at 7 months (let’s be generous – 8) which would be around $150/year if un-capped. What would the actual cost to the Nation be?. Now factor it as ongoing and increasing with our age.
Then compare, but not before factoring in that Usana (re)activates bodily systems that (naturally and ultimately/rapidly) obsolete the hammer-blows of Pharmaceuticals, and gives broad-spectrum benefit to the body that reduces load on the Medical System as a whole.
Now Usana has long been the world leader in Vitamin Supplementation. Others are now in the field (the field itself becoming more and more accepted as a necessity in our increasingly polluted environment), and though perhaps less expensive at present they have some catching up to do in terms of effectiveness and are rapidly becoming equally (or more) expensive.

Go figure, Stu! …and when you’ve stewed that for a while, are you going to do something worthwhile for the Nation? On present form, I doubt it.


(now more recent, penned 5 June 2017):


For the past nearly 2 years I have been trying to get a huMAN response from the OmbudsMAN. What I get is ever deeper bureau-bullshit asserting why they cannot do anything. Their reply to my first missive was thus:

Please find attached a letter from this Office dated 8 July 2015.

Yours sincerely

Office of the Ombudsman

This outlined the hoops and hurdles needed to be navigated before they could act.

to which I replied:

Dear Bu-robot
Please READ my missives! There you will find I have LOST FAITH in this benighted system we call ‘Government’. I am writing to you as Ombuds-MAN, which implies some measure of human intelligence. Am I to be yet again thwarted in my search for Excellence? The matter I am desperately trying to bring to your attention goes WELL BEYOND the gambit of the agency involved to the very core of our Society, and so deserves better! I cannot abide the robotic “hoops and hurdles” of the bureaucratic playground ( / sandpit / cesspit)!

Hoping for a human response…

Their response:

Please find attached a letter from this Office dated 8 July 2015.

Yours sincerely

Office of the Ombudsman

essentially, complain to CYF, if not satisfied complain to MSD, only then can we even consider acting  (no guarantees of that, let alone anything like an intelligently reasoned outcome).

April 26, 2017:

This got buried in my email system, but it is still valid, and RECURSIVE! I would invite you to investigate your own processes – your reply is the usual bureaucrat’sexpansive explanation of why you can’t do anything: How about a human response of what you might in fact be able to do?


Response: re-send of April 8 2015 response, including my previous missives. D’oh …

29 May 2017: “complain to MVCOT (CYF continued) and be specific.” Obviously haven’t read my previous … but gave me another address:,
Mr. Anthony Ilott – Manager, Intake, Assessment and Early Assistance Team.

Had you actually read my submission(s), you would realise that, as a step-grandfather, I have little legal pathway for effective input to the relevant govt agency/ies. I would therefore appreciate any advice you can give that won’t further impoverish me/us (long-term beneficiary/pensioner/s). Such process as has occurred has had perfectly legal and logical sequence when considered in the blinkered perspective of one-matter-at-a-time, but I consider the overall outcome to be in contravention of any basic human justice. The re-naming of the Agency (was there any real re-organisation or orientation?) combined with a period of transition in my memory from short- to long-term has not helped. Re-visiting this matter in a court of law would illuminate factors and errors made to rectify this case, but submitting my wife to this process would in itself be a compounding brutality. I’m also certain that the adversarial confrontational courtroom process would not be conducive to a truly just outcome. Besides, this spans Family and Criminal matters – would a High Court process be anything else? Does the High Court have a consultative investigation branch? That would perhaps be the required process.

Besides the above, is there anything possible to expedite this? Note if you will the duration spent in hiatus, with the grandsons both now aged beyond the Agency’s consideration and one being evicted from our home after several shuffles to and fro.

So here we are, waiting … Is there any human in this benighted system that can/will get off their farter(chair) and actually DO anything FOR anyone?