Gruntle me!

A friend of mine, many years ago, a keen fisherman, said “I’m looking for a fish gruntler. All the fish I catch look very disgruntled”. Well, situations in my life have caused me to be very disgruntled, so I’m looking for gruntlement.

Recent thought: I’m a fisherman too! It’s an old saying: “Give a man a fish and he’ll feed himself for a day. Teach a man to fish and he’ll feed himself and family for life.” I consider facts as fish: cram a man’s head full of facts (train him? tell him WHAT to think) and he’ll (maybe) feed himself and family. Teach a man HOW to THINK and he’ll better the lives of all he touches with his words/thoughts. A gaping vacuum in today’s Education.

Despite the age of this blog I’m a newbie – I haven’t found how to add a “comment” box for dialogue (probably need to RTFM), and I welcome that. I’m a fairly deep (Logical) thinker on a number of fronts, and welcome other points of view – wherever you find a means, please comment.
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and a p.s.: In what seems now to be a previous incarnation I lived my life in (largely Folk) music. One song that has particularly stuck in my mind (I only ever heard it once, performed at a Festival by the composer), which now seems to be the perfect expression of the emotions endured in the ordeal outlined above, is “As Far As I Can Go: A Song For Depression” by Marcus Turner. I’ve been told it’s available on Spotify (on his first album, “The Best Is Yet To Come”) but can’t verify. I consider it deserving of a hearty rendition live in a Family Court with the bureaucrats of MSD (Ministry of Societal Destruction) and its ‘minions’ CYFS/OT  in full attendance.

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