Sep 18, 2016

In between the last posting on the old blog site and now, there has been little official interaction with CYFS – largely I’m certain due to the shakeup being undetaken by the current Minister (Anne Tolley). She presents on TV News as being forthright and dedicated – and, wonder-of-wonders, to the Children under her care. How this plays out in time, only time itself will tell.
There have, however, been developments on the ‘home front”: Eldest grandson vehemently rejected return to his mother, electing to come live with us. Since then he has made
spectacular progress, enduring the seemingly never-ending ‘courses’ set by Officialdom (towards a remote chance of a dead-end menial ‘job’) and independently (under our guidance) securing part-time employment rapidly progressed to full-time.
Second grandson ‘aged out’ of the CYFS system, was dumped in his mother’s lap and promptly shat on her, stealing and in conflict with her Partner(#3)/Husband (a rampant White Supremacist). He’s part-Maori, as are his elder bro and sis. He fled that situation to try and follow his big bro and live with us, but stole from us too, and was patently beyond our ability to cope, so we sent him back to Mum. He lasted another one month and was sent out ‘in the wild wide world’ to ‘flat’. He flits from pillar to post too rapidly for us to follow, so we’re just waiting for his next serious conflict with Authority – we know it’ll come.
Granddaughter is still with paternal Gran (her Nan) and under the watchful eye of her Case-worker (a _real_ Social Worker), and has already charted her own course after leaving School. She has always had a good head on her shoulders, so we we know news from her will be good.

With the previous Blog Site non-functional, I thought I might be able to get a Political ear, so am now in contact with the local Labour Party people. This hasn’t borne much fruit either, so I’m going all-out for Publicity – wrongdoing _hates_ the light. The Minister is Nazional Party, and being thus indoctrinated will be unlikely to listen, the Labour reps all up the chain are similarly deaf, so here goes: Letter to Labour and on to Minister.

Greetings, Jacinda

You should have received a FWD email from Carmel on this topic. Sent to her 6 weeks ago, it is probably now out of date given the ructions in MSD/CYFS, but here goes:
…and here ’tis.
The attached .doc was mainly concerned with our family’s treatment, but alongside that I had a blog ( seems to have completely disappeared, but I had a full copy saved of my page, and this is attached here, extended with more recent views since the disappeary-most of the bloggage. (sorry, a bit of whimsy there). It is a more philosophical overview of Politics, as affecting a distressed family, and may even now be useful to you, and possibly even to all Politicians.

Hopefully helpfully,

… and I attached the Resurrected Site text, sent 28/7/2016.

Nothing heard to date 18/9/2016.

Sep 14, 2016
I posted on (
“I definitely approve of the term “educator”. The old (and hopefully deprecated) term “teacher” implies ramming knowledge into (passive) brains, where “educator”, from its roots, is defined as the drawing knowledge out from minds. This, in turn, implies active use of native intelligence and the logic of ‘because this, therefore that’ allowing for unexpected developments. Great stuff, the Foundation! :)”
Now, If our ‘education’ system here in NZ could implement this (in all subjects?) it would serve as a good basis for a future respectful Society.
My own experince bears this out. Advancing my knowledge of Mathematics in pusuit of my NZCE (Eletronics and Computing), the first words my “teacher” uttered were “I can’t teach you anything. I assume you’re here because you want to learn, and if you do I can help you”. Best Maths teacher I ever had, though 5th Form  rivalled that.

…Now I wonder if Stu Piddity will take any note of that.