More good news

…with hope in its wake. Seems the process of transition from CYFS to the new organisation (if its name has yet been finalised, it’s not yet popularly known) is afoot. News to hand indicates that the team overseeing the process is at least being assembled. I’m now eagerly awaiting any news that can be leaked concerning the winnowing of personnel by audit, and that certain staff from our unsavoury past dealings have been removed, also hopefully never to have any dealings whatsoever with human clientele henceforth, or indeed to have any role in management of staff so engaged/occupied. Such news would indeed considerably gruntle me … and assure me by such indication of quality that the new organisation is indeed engaged in properly carrying out its mandated duties.
Of course, only time will tell if the new systems can avoid the generation of a new crop of alligators, pit-bulls and – yes – nazis.

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