Musical terms, from the ‘Classical’ Italian (likely from Latin).
The Segue is a transition from one one theme to another, usually smoothly via a mingling. The Ameriglish “Segway” is a trademark that deliberately butchered the Italian – “gw” is unusual in the English language, giving it a memorability. True English long ago developed it as “sequence”, retaining the meaning (follow) as in “it follows”, a logical path.

The Fugue has the themes ‘answering’ each other, a closed/contained arrangement where, though each may develop, they are always tied to each other. Will Ameriglish start calling it a ‘fugway’? True English developed it as “Fugitive”.

There is a recognised Medical condition: the Dissociative Fugue, a fleeing from an intolerable situation, driving the afflicted away from reality and thus any ability to resolve that cause.
I would posit that Runaways/Escapees of any sort are attempting this: to flee from their intolerable situation to a more desirable (or known benign) one.

CYFS/OT take note: Children/Youth fleeing your ‘care’, particularly ‘secure care’, find it intolerable, as indeed do many of their Families. Our grandchildren suffered from this as did/do we. Your attempts to sunder the Family tie in our case have proved futile: the 3 eldest grand children were ripped out of our care and house in an early-morning raid, but they have always known where they belong/ed – here with us, their Nana and Granddad. (Your half-assed system refused – and still refuses – to investigate the situation thoroughly, and our efforts to support our Grandies/mokopuna (they have Maori heritage too) through the ordeal have impoverished us beyond affording the lawyers necessary to pursue true Justice. Indeed, we despair of finding such in any of our Nation’s existing Systems.)
The youngest of the 3, our Granddaughter, managed to escape (or ‘weather’ by at least partial acclimation/inurement) the worst of the abuse, and has always had an ‘older head on her young shoulders’ (largely from our earlier influence). Recent transition to OT has allowed a more humane treatment from the System, and she is completing training with a valued occupation/career ahead of her.
The elder 2 (grandsons) are now ‘aged out’ of the system. and are now with us, the eldest now employed and developing nicely as a true Human. The younger lad has always been the ‘fly in the ointment’ that no-one will assess properly, and that goes back to his mother who, with the legal ‘clout’, threw the legal and social systems at us like one of her toys (Do you enjoy being a child’s plaything?). We now have the task of trying to extract him from his fugue – abuse from his mother (more accurately his progenitor) being the primary cause, and the Nation (by ripping him away from his true home, and further, placing him back in that causal situation).

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