A related but wider perspective

To follow from “Strawberry Fields” and its included “Wrong job”:

With some load lifted from the Ministry with the tail (CYFS/OT) no longer wagging the dog, some consideration could profitably be given to a looming threat: Islam. No, I’m NOT talking religion, I’m talking societal impact. If you really want to drag religion into it, how about working WITH the ‘heart’ of our society – the Christian Churches – to bolster the populace in averting this seemingly-inevitable destruction of the Human race! For more, read “Religiosophy” then come back…

Now how about targeting Islam’s morality: rape of pre-teens and grooming for pregnancy immediately on menstruation, immediate immersal in Mohammed’s long-outdated world-view that denies anything he did not say or do in his lifetime – some 1400 years ago! and its scriptural dogma – a terrorist’s handbook for destruction and conquest by force. No wonder it appeals to the violent in our prisons, and such a pity its flowery poetry traps the unwary, including some celebrities (Cat Stevens, Cassius Clay …) and the disaffected, that largely due to political inertia and blinkered bureaucracy.

I’m a (step-)Granddad, and I value my mokopuna’s (part-)Maori heritage and my own Anglo-Euro ancestry equally. They both are under threat, and I’d hate to see our nation’s coming generations forced into that culture.

In the words of Cheech and Chong’s Sister Mary Elephant: “Class … claaaass … WAAAAAKE UUUP!”

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