Yet Another Botch

With granddaughter about to ‘age out’ of the CYFS system, there has been a Family Group Conference. My participation was not required, but my wife shares the follow-up report to keep me ‘in the loop’.
There was nothing controversial in the report – granddaughter has kept us apprised of developments. The report does, however, illuminate ongoing concerns I’ve previously blogged and lamented: indications of the quality of staff.
All present were accounted for, and – wonder of wonders – correctly named. Familial relationships, however, were not! Maternal and Paternal were interchanged – a sore lack of education there. Father was named as an uncle. D’oh!
There was another person mentioned but not fully or properly identified – a paternal uncle. We were aware of his part in granddaughter’s life, but not entirely satisfied as to his assessment as a support as should have been documented properly at this stage of proceedings.

This really has put the cap on a thorough botch-up of a case, and does nothing to give me confidence in *any* governmental agency’s dealings with and in the real human world.

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