Latest Nazional wish-wash: Govt softens stance on abuse inquiry, in which was stated: “The government set up a Confidential Listening and Assistance Service (CLAS) in 2008 to hear from victims. It wound up in June 2015.”
Yeah right? We, our grand-CHILDREN, and FAMILY, suffering systemic abuse during this time (read the rest of this blog), were never given a hint that this was available: we were locked /cowed into CYFS’s labyrinthine ‘complaints’ disservice. Now it has been ‘wound up’, it’s no longer available.
Te article continues: “It also introduced an optional fast track process to resolve the backlog of claims where survivors can receive a personal apology and financial settlement.” Too little, and too late. Gov’s Social Agencies have wrought their havoc with impunity.
Along with this in my browser’s sidebar, “Child abuse in state care: Bureaucrats ‘believed there was no problem'” ( “There are records showing the government dismissed genuine complaints of child abuse at state institutions for years, a researcher says.” I would venture that that researcher and (thus that report) is also bureaucratically blinkered – it was (IS?) ongoing, and more widespread, with the poison virulent in all (probably even beyond) Social Agencies. + + + Re-do from start + + +

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