Wrong Job!

Present regime (Brutal/Bureaucratic):
CYFS/OT employs & directs Social Workers who further direct Public with penalties (e.g. loss of access) for non-compliance.

Envisaged (Gentle/Human):
Community Agencies which employ & direct Social Workers* who guide Public in better modes of being/living.
* some perhaps re-educated from CYFS/OT following careful evaluation

Social Workers in their OWN Communities will care less about their income (unless as a measure of their skill and effectiveness, not just “seniority”) and more about the welfare of their clients (Children, Youth and their Families),
Less (and more efficient and effective) Government, with less ‘lock ’em away’ Borstals-by-another-name,
Known, local and friendly Social Workers, giving
More honest dialogue and
More immediate and better-informed response, leading to
Closer-tailored remedies (prime = EDUCATION of ALL!), more comprehensible and achievable, and ‘palatable’ to the clients, thus
Better and quicker outcomes, In clients’ OWN communities

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